About Us

L4 Accounting Center was founded on April 1, 2005. Due to many years’ diligent and professional work, this center has achieved much success and owns its constant and deserved place in the sphere of accounting services in RA.
The Center renders services to a number of leading organizations and Sole Entrepreneurs. The relationships between partners are formed in an atmosphere of confidence, mutually giving importance to honest, faultless and productive work.

L4 Accounting Center consists of experienced, responsible and professional specialists who work according to the 5 main principles of this accounting center:
Professional approach to the task and guaranteed result
Honesty and objectivity in every detail
Decent and individual approach to each of its partners
Guaranteeing of secrecy of information
Providing clear and complete solution to the given tasks.
Two-month courses are periodically held in L4 Accounting Center for beginners and already working accountants. The L4 solid family helps each of its students to reveal their abilities and supports them in finding a job.

School of accounting

L4 Accounting Center is a school of accounting, a school of an accountant the doors of which are open for first formers as well as already working accountants who are eager to advance. Our graduates take accounting not as a trade but a mission which demands to continually develop their professional knowledge and devotion.

One of the important primary tasks of this center is to sow the five fundamental principles of the spotless conduct of a professional accountant in each of our students. The 5 principles are the following:

Complete mastering of necessary knowledge

We give knowledge which is necessary for an accountant in practice as well as provide with computer skills to be able to work by Armenian Software and be in permanent contact with their colleagues by up-to-date means of communication.

Tests and practical tasks give opportunity to our students to become part of the activities of our center and get practice.